MBC Exclusive: An Interview With Walsall’s Welterweight Powerhouse, Daniel Woolery

He may see himself as a late starter but Daniel Woolery definitely doesn’t look like a boxing beginner in the ring. The 35 year old Walsall welterweight speaks to us on the back of the two K.O wins that brought his 2017 to a very nice finale.

_DSC9261 (2)

Energy Gym, Foundry Gym in Walsall town center.

When did you start boxing?

Congratulations on winning your last fight, a convincing win against Jordan Hart. How did you celebrate the victory?
Spent time with family an friends, had some food, went out after. I had to be back as early as I could. I had to go work the next day.

What has been the highlight of your career?
My last two fights.

What do you think of your career so far?
It’s been challenging, especially during winter, but summer time it was really good training indoors and out.

What are you currently working on in training?
Weights. I like heavy weights but I maintain a decent load. Boxing bag is essential but move the bag don’t let it move you, Speed-ball; learn how to keep up with speed. Hit and dodge at the same time. The ring, learn how to move within the arena

What’s your recommendation for a training camp diet?
Plenty greens, fish, ,cornmeal porridge, fruits, nuts but I love yam, banana,  dumpling snapper fish or mutton an’ rice.

What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome?
Understanding how to box and it’s not easy. I’m still learning. The better the fighter the more you’re going to learn in and out the ring.

What are your aims for 2018?
Enter some more fights before I leave.  

Name your top 3 boxing heroes
Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Black Jack Johnson, ‘the black destroyer.’

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