‘Class of 2018’


You have to go back to 2013 to find a March similar to the month the Midlands has experienced this year.  Snow, in abundance.

But not just the friendly feathery  Christmas Card version (which most Midlanders can just about cope with as long as it doesn’t stick around for too long) no – there’s another version; one that stings you when it lands on you. One that swirls around and gusts up in your face annoyingly.  A snow that bothers your eyes so much that you’re forced to squint. It’s a tactless, cruel version that drifts like a sandstorm and settles in uneven, peculiar mountainesque ridges that are less easy to walk over.  This type of snowfall challenges anyone who dares to step outdoors and venture into it.

Despite the pretty treacherous conditions Walsall Town Hall saw a great turn out on 3rd March as BCB Promotion brought the Class of 2018 to the venue and here’s a summary of the night’s action.

On a reduced fight card we saw, first of all, Alex ‘Pinky’ Florence take on the tough looking Czech Republican welterweight, Jan Korec.

It turned out pretty one sided as, despite his best efforts to slip and move out of the way of an array of  punches Korec found the heat in the ‘Pinky’ kitchen much too hot. With a blitz of body and head shots that had his opponent in trouble time and time again, it took Florence just 2 mins and 34 seconds of round one to grab his 4th pro career win and first tko.




Next up, ‘Rhino’ Ryan Davies vs Birmingham’s Myles Vale.

Vale vs Davies
Vale (left) and Davies at Walsall Town Hall

Both boxers were fighting the 4th pro fight of their careers but whilst Vale was looking for his first victory, Davies was looking to keep his 100 percent win record intact.

Vale was as busy in this fight as he was when he took on Callum Pearson in Bolton last month, and he looked a pretty good fighter until Davies found him with some solid punches in the 2nd round.

Vale vs Davies
Vale trying to make an impact (Image: p.media.live)
Davies on target
Davies finds the mark in his clash with Vale at Walsall Town Hall (image: p.media.live)

Davies pressed home his dominance in the rounds that followed before ending the bout just short of the final bell with an onslaught that left Vale in no position to continue.

Danny Ball vs Chris Jenkinson

Unbeaten Danny Ball was up against Bolton’s Chris Jenkinson in the next bout, and was looking for his 4th pro win. In a tight contest that will have done the Dudley born fighter much more good than harm (where gaining boxing experience is concerned), Ball pounded, pursued and powered his way to a 39-38 points win.

Danny Ball on his way to his 4th pro win
Danny Ball on his way to his 4th pro win (image: p.media.live)
Ball wins
Chris Jenkinson (left) thought he might have just done enough to beat Danny Ball but the scorecards didn’t agree. (image: p.media.live)

The final bout, featuring the Polish starlet Damian Kiwior was one to treasure.

Kiwior’s success in the amateurs and status in his native Poland guarantees the fighter attention here in the UK and abroad.

In his first pro bout he was taking on Anatoli Lyubenov, a solid Bulgarian fighter who was looking to get back to winning ways after grabbing his first victory in Sofia before being stopped by the promising looking super welterweight, Johannes Vinasco in Orebro last November.

Lyubenov vs Kiwior – Walsall Town Hall – 3 Mar 2018 (image: p.media.live)
A swing and a miss
Kiwior able to dodge left cross thrown by Lyubenov (image: p.media.live)

Tarnow born Kiwior, with his eye catching one-two combinations and effective variety of scoring punches was able to do enough to outshine his opponent and begin his pro career with the win that both he and his growing mass of supporters will have deeply yearned before the first bell rang.

Damian Kiwior with Trainer, Paul Mann
Damian Kiwior beat Anatoli Lyubenov in Walsall. (image: p.media.live)


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