Kash Ali vs David Howe, as it happened.

Kash Ali vs David Howe

Date: 24 March 2018

Venue: The Genting Arena

Event: Now or Never (BCB Promotions)

Referee: Kevin Parker


Kash Ali makes a welcome return to the ring after a 17 month lay off. The 26 year old Birmingham heavyweight boasts an impressive 11 win record that includes victories over the likes of Paul Butlin, Kamil Sokolowski and in his last fight in 2016, Hari Miles. Despite the lay off  Ali is in a good place mentally leading up to the fight pointing to his sparring sessions with Dillian Whyte and the good shape that he felt he was in as plus factors.

David Howe brings his big 6ft 8in frame and hopes of restoring what began as a promising pro career into this title bout. Having already challenged unsuccessfully for the Central Area Heavy Title in 2016 the Sheffield fighter , who seems to have lost his way a little since his defeat to Imantas Davidaitis back in 2013, certainly has the punch power to trouble Ali tonight but with just three wins in his last eight fights, may well be short on confidence and self belief.

Howe Ali

Dan Mole of BCB Promotions has this to say ahead of the fight! “No disrespect to David but I don’t see it close at all. I know Kash has been out of the ring for quite some time but he’s a bit of a banger. We all know that David’s a little bit chinny so if you wanna put some money on it’s Kash Ali inside the distance early, for me.”


Both fighters are in the ring! There’s a massive crowd at the Genting Arena and a great atmosphere. The unbeaten Birmingham fighter looks focused and up for it in his black Tysonesque shorts. The more experienced Howe wears white with a camo knee-length cut and lime trim. As MC Ben Walters commences his introductions the arena is still echoing to the sounds of Ali’s  ring entrance music – it sounded like one of those wonderful songs by Pakistani music legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – but don’t quote me on that.

Howe vs. Ali


There’s plenty of debates about pre-fight staredowns. Some say they are pointless and a waste of good energy, others say that it’s a good way of gauging whether or not a fighter is actually intimidated. Some fighters say they can tell what their opponents are thinking when they look into their eyes or if a fighters opts out. Who knows?

Howe vs. AliHowe vs. Ali

One thing is for sure, Referee Kevin Parker will have to go some to prise these two big guys apart if things get ugly, regardless.


We are under way! Round One! Ali immediately takes to the centre of the ring and pops out a searching jab to Howe’s midriff. Howe responds with a few jabs of his own as he circles his opponent. There’s nothing landing cleanly as they feel each other out but Howe immediately looks the more cautious of the two. The first telling blow lands; a sweeping right hook to Howe’s body which, though clearly a scoring shot, he barely seems to notice.

Moments later Ali scores to the head with another fast jab which he follows up with a nice body shot. Howe responds by holding and trying to smother Ali’s work but it doesn’t stop him getting clipped by a perky looking right that catches him on the temple. The tone for this is already being set with Ali as the aggressor and Howe just looking to stay out of harm’s way.

As the round is progressing the Sheffield fighter is throwing out the occasional jab but his punches appear to lack real purpose and intent.

Howe vs. Ali

In comparison Ali closes out the round with some meaty looking head and body shots which, as well as making a big statement, draws eager cheers from his mass of supporters.

Howe vs. Ali


Seconds out – Round Two! Ali holds up for a high five and the boxers touch gloves as once again the Birmingham fighter quickly grabs control of the ring centre. Howe starts this round looking a little more enthused as he pops out a double jab that Ali parries away with his forearms.

Ali ducks under a loose looking jab then throws a left-right combination, the first of which finds Howe’s chin and the second of which bounces off Howe’s temple. Ali then lands with a sharp uppercut but it looked like Howe was already on his way down as the punch landed and with his opponent standing over him the Sheffield man hits the deck.

Howe vs. Ali

Howe vs. Ali

Clearly disorientated and clambering slowly back to his feet Howe appears to be in all sorts of trouble. Kevin Parker waves off the fight before Howe can assume anywhere near an upright position whilst the new Central Area Heavyweight Champion takes to his hands and knees in the neutral corner.

Kash Ali


Its all over. And the new Central Area Heavyweight Champion is Kash Ali.

Kash Ali