‘Time To Shine.’ – A Night of Boxing Drama – in Two Parts.

Walsall Twon Hall Time To Shine

Fight By Fight. Pt 1

BCB Promotions

Walsall Town Hall

Leon Gower vs. Brett Fidoe

Super Bantamweight Contest, 4 Rounds.

Leon Gower
Team Gower

Leon Gower began his pro career in December 2015 fighting at lightweight division where, at Walsall Town Hall on the undercard of the Joe Hughes vs. Anthony Upton English Super Lightweight Title fight, he won his first bout against Swindon’s Joe Beeden.  He went on to win his second bout just three months later against Sheffield’s Qasim Hussain, both on points and at the same weight and venue.

He dropped to featherweight for his next three fights and impressively forced three eye catching stoppages, the most recent of which was a first round tko over the seasoned Latvian fighter, Dimitrijs Gutmans in March this year at the Kings Hall in Stoke-on-Trent.

Gower Fidoe
Team Gower focused and ready to go whilst Fidoe (inset) looks pensive

For this, his first contest in the 8st 10lb division the popular Burton-on-Trent fighter stepped to the ring to the distinct sound of Kasabian’s ‘Underdog’ and looked, well let’s just say, not like an underdog but more like a very confident boxer. His opponent, the fit and durable Brett Fidoe, was already in the ring looking deep in thought and pacing around in menacing form near his own corner.

Gower vs. Fidoe
Gower closes in (image: p.media.live)

From the first bell Gower, the taller of the two contestants, dominated the contest and with his fast hand speed, great movement and array of punches carved out another impressive win despite Fidoe showing some great counterpunching techniques and also looking very sharp throughout.

On the ref’s scorecard Gower came away with a 40 – 37 decision which would have been enhanced in his favour when in the final round, Martin Williams docked Fidoe a point for holding.

Sajid Abid vs. Dylan Draper

Welterweight Contest, 4 Rounds.


Sajid Abid likes to use straight lefts and rights. He enjoys throwing combinations and is comfortable building up his attacks behind a crisp jab. He’s a clever boxer with good vision and he has no problem controlling the centre of the ring whenever he can.

Generally, he might carry his hands a little low, but unlike the gifted Kirkland Laing, a top welterweight fighter from yesteryear who made this type of approach a part of his ringcraft and demeanour, Abid will do this mostly when he’s out of range. When stepping in to throw punches his defence tends to tighten up.


The 23 year old fighter from Derby wasn’t really troubled by the outclassed but high spirited Draper and Abid made his way to his fifth straight win in as many pro contests.

Draper in good spirits despite loss (image: p.media.live)

Ryan Aston vs. Anthony Fox

Super Middleweight Contest, 4 Rounds.

Aston vs. Fox
Aston vs. Fox (image: p.media.live)

German born Anthony ‘the Matador’ Fox was absolutely buzzing at the conclusion of this contest. And why wouldn’t he be? He’d just grabbed his third successive win and had upset the odds against a fighter in Dudley’s Ryan Aston who had, to this point, held an impressive win record and KO percentage.

Aston, courtesy of his great form, has challenged for first of all the Midlands Area Middleweight Title, losing by a stoppage to Nottingham’s Curtis Valentine, then the Midlands Area Super Welterweight Title which he lost on points to Tividale’s Jason Welborn, then for the IBF International Super Welterweight Title which he lost by stoppage to East Dulwich’s Ahmet ‘Punch Picker’ Patterson and most recently – again for the Midlands Area Middleweight Title which saw him lose by stoppage to the Birmingham born prospect, Craig Cunningham. This stunning defeat at the hands of a relatively unknown fighter with no title shot to his resume’ and up to now, no more than three previous wins in his seventeen fight pro career, has to be seen as a huge setback.


That said, Fox was clearly up for this one from the very start. Everything Aston gave he matched and gave back with interest, repeatedly grabbing control of the ring and backing the home favourite into the corner or against the ropes. He just looked like he wanted it more and the telling breakthrough came when in the final round and with Aston closing him down he landed a powerful right cross which put the stunned Dudley fighter on his back.

Aton vs Fox
Aston down (image: p.media.live)

Aston returned to his feet quickly but by then, in terms of the bout itself, the writing was very much on the wall. He somehow managed to clear his head and survive the remaining minutes of the contest but how we wonder, will he now respond to the challenge of breathing new life into his professional boxing career?

End of Part 1

Read Part Two in a forthcoming post only available here at MBC.

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