Clayton Bricknell vs. Jamie Quinn: Result

Lightweight Contest, 4 Rounds

Holte Suite, Villa Park, Birmingham.

Referee: Shaun Messer.

Debutant Clayton Bricknell made a winning start to his Pro boxing career with a smooth, solid display that earned him a points win over Stockport’s Jamie Quinn at the Holte Suite, Birmingham on 19 May.

In a sport that has to be considered as one of the toughest imaginable, this win for Bricknell will be more than welcomed by his camp not only because of how he apparently eased through the four rounds without being particularly troubled by his (game but not too adventurous) opponent but also because of how he was willing and able to stay on his toes with some light and impressive footwork, bob and weave stylishly keeping himself both in good range but out of harm’s way and throw some pretty effective punches in bunches.

Clayton Bricknell
Bricknell makes a great start to pro career (image:

As a fight, and being the first bout of the night on TOP’s ‘By The Sword’ fightcard, in all truth it didn’t really catch-a-fire. But that was probably a pretty good thing for Bricknell. The opening bout of your pro-career is probably not the best of times to be drawn into a slugfest with an opponent hell bent on tearing you to pieces.

Jamie Quinn
Jamie Quinn (image:

As a consequence of Quinn’s somewhat tepid indulgence (not that he didn’t try to impress himself upon the fight but more that he seemed a little lacking in his ability to draw upon some winning tactics and a worthwhile strategy) Bricknell, the Wolverhampton fighter, was able to notch up an impressive display that included some solid body shots, some nice, swift and silky head movement and a clear and tactful taste for the desire that’s needed to win this type of bout.

There’s clearly a lot more to come from Bricknell and at just 25 years of age he still has plenty of time on his hands. But without a doubt as he seeks to maintain his winning form he’s going to face opponents a lot tougher and with a whole heap more of a desire to win than Jamie Quinn.

We’ll be watching Bricknell, a clearly very popular and fresh new pro-fighter, very closely.

In the meantime, based on his professional debut alone – we like what we see.

Team Bricknell