Gallery: ‘Neutral Ground – Battle of The Baggies’

‘Neutral Ground – Battle of the Baggies’

4 May 2018

A selection of some of the best shots from an action packed night of boxing brought to you in association with P.MEDIA.LIVE and BCB PROMOTIONS..

Tommy Langford vs. Jason Welborn

Battle of the Baggies

Kane Baker vs. Ibrar Riyaz


Referee. Shaun Messer


Ross Hollis (right) vs. Kevin McCauley


Rachel Ball vs. Monika Antonik


Walsall Town Hall


Shaka Thompson (right) vs. Martin Kabrhel

property of

property of

David Allen vs. David Howe

property of of of

Tyler Denny vs. Raimonds Sniedze

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Jason Welborn vs. Tommy Langford

DSC09419DSC09421Jason Welborn Tommy Langford


Jason Welborn
Jason Welborn becomes British Middleweight Champion on 4th May 2018


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