Boxing greats and fight fans gather in Cannock to watch Pleck ABC v Midlands Select

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Scott Murray, Bar Sports and The Premier Suite are long established pioneers where Midlands boxing culture is concerned.

From their mounted large screen TVs from which we can savour classic fights and fight nights to the priceless signed photographs proudly patch-working the wall surfaces, boxing lives and breathes in every available space of the venue.

If you should wish to meet some of the region’s boxing greats and even, from time to time, some of the world’s living boxing legends, The Premier Suite is as good a place to frequent as any.  In fact, it’s undoubtedly amongst the best that the region has to offer.

It’s therefore very little wonder that visiting and furthermore even boxing at the venue holds a very very special place. And especially for those boxers who are at the very beginning of their careers.

Last night at the prestigious venue nine young boxers from Pleck Amateur Boxing Club joined forces with Wednesbury A.B.C and Coventry University to form the Red Corner whilst a Midlands Select which included fighters from Walsall Wood A.B.C, Wednesbury A.B.C and Priory Park A.B.C formed the blue corner.

Result?  An evening packed with boxing action and some very cool entertainment courtesy of none other than Boxing Aficionado Steve Bunce and friends,

Steve Bunce and Tony Wilson

(and more friends)…


The two teams gave their all to what turned out to be an often really exciting and most times really entertaining night for the fight fans gathered in attendance.

If you wanted to be there but for whatever reason couldn’t be, here’s a taste of what you missed.

Bout No 1


Darlaston (Bulkington A.B.C)


Dupont (Pleck A.B.C)


Bout No 3

Murray (Pleck A.B.C) v Sattar (Priory Park A.B.C)



Bouts 2, 3 & 7

Pure Murray Magic

Below, one of the three Murrays on the fight card. All came away with a win.


For More info head over to Pleck A.B.C’s facebook page.


Ferris (2nd City A.B.C)

Great night.

And without a doubt further fantastic events will be on the horizon. Watch this space for updates and/or head over to The Premier Suite website for updates too.

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