Lord Of The Flys is This Wkend

Birmingham’ s Ijaz ‘Jazzy’ Ahmed and Derby’s Conar Blackshaw come face to face this Sunday at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham where the vacant BBBofC Midlands Flyweight Title is up for grabs. 

Jazzy throws a left.   Image: (c) BCB Promotions
Ahmed speaking to BCB Promotions
“I always knew I would be a flyweight fighter, it’s been my intention to campaign there since I turned pro bit I’ve been gradually coming down.
“I’ve got my weight under control and it’s been falling off nicely, which has been the case for a while now. I still feel strong, as I was expecting to.
“My last fight was at super fly, I thought I did well and it was comfortable, both with the win and doing the six-round distance for the first time.
“Now it’s up to 10 for this title, but I’m not worried about the distance. I’m already doing it in the gym and my stamina is the best it’s ever been.
“I’m not been as active, as I would like to be, and I need all of that to change now. It’s about learning and climbing the ladder, one step at a time.
“I’ve got three other good victories as a pro and the one defeat, which was up at super bantam against Fidoe. I’d been out for a while before that.
“He got a bit lucky, really, he caught me with a shot I didn’t see coming, I stumbled back a bit and fell over. It was a knockdown, that I had to chase.
“I thought I’d won the other three rounds well, but he got the result by a point. I believe I should have just edged it, but all that is behind me now.
“I’m 25 now, I’m in a position where I need to go and do something. It’s time to go up a level and a shot at the Midlands is exactly what’s required.
“I don’t know a lot about Conar, but I’m aware he’s a come forward fighter, who likes a scrap, and that’ll suit me. I’ll pick him off on the back foot.
“He’ll find the pace very tough if he bombs at me for a few rounds. It’s about controlled aggression, when I get my chance to shine I’ll take it.
“I’m determined to go out, beat the guy, pick up the belt and then go as high as I can in boxing. I’m not in the sport to stand still, I’ll want more.”
Blackshaw in the mix.  Image: (c) Mark Jones Photography

Blackshaw speaking to BCB Promotions

“It doesn’t bother me going away from home, I’ve boxed in Scotland on a Thursday night and beat the home guy before, so I know how to stay focused.
“I do get a good following, though, and I’m looking to take a fair few to Birmingham with me. They are a noisy bunch, so I’m sure they’ll be heard.
“This is what we wanted, my team got a call and I was happy to take the fight. It’s a serious title, that could lead on to bigger and better things.
“I’ve always made flyweight well, I can punch a bit at the weight and I can box as well. I’m planning to be far better and much faster than he’ll be.
“I’m a natural fly, he’s coming down in weight and I’ve got the advantage of being more active. I’ve got that added experience of more ring time.
“I don’t think there’s anything he can do that will surprise me, I don’t know a lot about him but I’ve been in with all sorts of opponents before now.
“I always seem to come away having picked something up. If you ever stop learning, it’s probably time to pack up. I think I know enough to beat him.”

The fight headlines Errol Johnson’s BCB Promotions ‘Lord of the Flys’ edition which also includes Birmingham’s Sean ‘Showtime’ Davis making his sixteenth professional appearance and Damian Kiwior who, after returning to his native Poland to fight for the first time there since turning professional, will be looking to make it five wins out of five professional contests.


Tickets for ‘Lord of the Flys’ are on sale, at £65 VIP ringside to include a two-course Sunday lunch or £35 standard. For more information and to buy, contact the boxers on Facebook.

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