Shock Defeat Derails Damian

Bolton’s tough super welterweight Chris Jenkinson grabbed his first win since July 2017 when, in front of a stunned crowd at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham he outshone and outpointed Wolverhampton’s Damian Kiwior.

At times the contest, which had been scheduled for 6 rounds, seemed unlikely to go the full distance as time and time again Jenkinson unloaded and landed some heavy duty artillery in the shape of swinging right and left hooks, clearly troubling his target.

Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. Kiwior actually recovered well from the big right, left combination that had sent him to the canvas towards the end of the second round but it was an uphill task from this point for the much liked Polish born boxer and the more the contest progressed the more his opponent seemed to be enjoying himself.

Kiwior vs Jenkinson 4
Jenkinson delivers the first instalment of the two punch combo that sent Kiwior to the canvas

Kiwior deserves plenty of credit. He remained in the hunt throughout the remainder of the fight keeping Jenkinson on the back foot for the most part and throwing punches (as they say) in bunches from start to finish, so he will perhaps consider himself unlikely to at least not get a draw. But in all truth he wasn’t on top of his game and on this occasion his hard headed opponent was just too elusive with his movement, neat with his footwork and potent with his counters to be overcome.

Kiwior vs Jenkinson 2
“Now you see me…” Jenkinson evades Kiwior
Kiwior vs Jenkinson
A perplexing night for Kiwior as Jenkinson keeps a tight defence

You can watch the full fight here:

It’s not the first, nor will it be the last time that Chris Jenkinson has put on an impressive display of boxing in these Midlands regions. As the Bolton boxer who’s otherwise known as ‘Twinny’ or ‘Chaos’ headed back to Lancashire with the W under his belt, the disappointed Kiwior, now at 4-1-0, was left to reflect on his first professional defeat.

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