Upset of the Year 2018

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Without a shadow of a doubt 2018 has been a great year for Midlands boxing. Great fights from year start to year end have included Title fights at regional, national and world levels.

We’ve seen some great stories unfold but we’ve also had our fair share of tales of the unexpected.

After much debate MBC HQ settled on four contests with outcomes that we agreed may have come as a surprise to many fight fans.

No. 1

Ryan Aston vs Antony Fox

Apr 21 2018 – Walsall Town Hall

Aston came into this fight at 20-4-2 and aiming to add to the two wins he’d chalked up since losing out in a Midlands Area Middleweight Title fight in May 2016. He was facing an Antony Fox (3-10-4) who despite winning his two previous contests on his travels to Bristol and Swansea, was not expected to maintain his winning run against a boxer many viewed as being much more skilled and dangerous in the ring than himself.

Perhaps the upset was in the air. When one boxer enters the ring to the sounds of ‘The House of the Rising Sun.’ and his opponent emerges to ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper.’ you, at the very least, might suspect that something very interesting is about to unfold.

And it did. Fox started like a house on fire. He immediately took control of the ring, pushing Aston on the back foot and unloading viciously to head and body whenever he could. He clearly took the round.

The second round may have been a little more even but that didn’t stop Fox from bouncing jubilantly back to his corner with his arm raised.

Fox eventually carved out a points win, which in hindsight he may even have been slightly disappointed with given that a TKO had momentarily beckoned when, during Rd 4 and after a beautifully executed and peach of a right from Fox had sent Aston to the canvas, Fox’s well supported opponent had appeared there for the taking.

Aston survived the final round but couldn’t prevent the pts defeat.

No. 2

Sept 8 2018 – Arena Birmingham

Sam Eggington vs Hassan Mwakinyo

Dang!! According to various reports this was meant to be a warm up fight for ‘The Savage.’

He barely knew his opponent’s name the day before he was set to face the former WBA Pan-African Super Welterweight Champion, Tanzanian born Hassan Mwakinyo on the Amir Khan vs Samuel Vargas undercard in the televised Matchroom Boxing event.

“I don’t watch. I don’t look their BoxRec up. I don’t…I just go (on) what I’m told and go from that.” Eggington told IFL’s Kugan Cassius in a pre fight interview filmed the night before the fight.

Given what was to follow he’ll maybe wish by now that he had done a little more research on his gutsy and well fired up opponent ahead of the clash.

Mwakinyo won by TKO in Round 2.

full fight here

No. 3

Indi Sangha vs Michael Ramabeletsa

June 30 2018 – Villa Park

For MBC HQ this Super Featherweight contest was actually a very tough one to call.

Yes, Sangha the young and promising Midlands boxer was looking really good at 9-0-0 but Ramabeletsa at 15-17-0 was bringing into the fight an element of the unknown. He’d won some, he’d lost more. But, it was evident that in recent times he had been seeking out wins and important ones at that. Prior to his contest with Sangha sat two Title Fights, one of which he’d lost by split decision and the other by unanimous decision.

That said, it would have come as a surprise to many to not just see Sangha defeated, but to witness the manner of defeat.

Ramabeletsa won by KO in Round 3.


Jason Welborn vs Tommy Langford

May 4 2018 Walsall Town Hall

Jason Welborn had already had two attempts at the British Middleweight Title.

“Frankie Gavin was probably a bit too early for me…” He’d told Dan Mole and others gathered at the Press Conference before describing how he’d bounced back and had kept on bouncing back. To this he added, “This is my time.”

Langford had held the Title since defeating Sam Sheedy at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff in November 2016 and was entering the fight with only one loss in his twenty one professional contests.

Welborn won SD after 12 Rounds.

But which of these contests do you think produced the biggest upset?

Have your say on our poll. There’s just a few days left until the poll ends and we can’t wait to see what fight fans think.

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