Excitement as BCB Promotions and Hall Green Boxing Club form new partnership

Back-row (l-r) BCB’s Head Trainer Paul Mann, Tommy Collins, Joe Collins, Tom Langford, Shaka Thompson, Ryan Hatton, Dean Collins.

Front Row (l-r) Hall Green Trainers Rich Lomas and Tom Chaney

Today’s announcement by BCB Promotions about their new partnership with Hall Green Boxing Club has brought with it a clear and distinguishable excitement so palpable that amidst the buzz and blur of the Midlands boxing scene it stands out like a gleaming, silver trophy.

Not only will the collaboration see a pooling of the wisdom and expertise of BCB’s Head of Boxing Errol Johnson, BCB’s Head Trainer Paul Mann and Hall Green’s Head Trainer, Tom Chaney but also it brings together a host of top boxers from across the region who stand to benefit from, amongst other things, the growth in the depth and quality of the new roster.

“It’s an exciting link-up,” explained Chaney. “I’ve worked with BCB on a number of shows – including Tommy versus Jason Welborn 1 and 2 – and I’ve been impressed with their professionalism.

“I’ve know (BCB’s Head of Boxing) Errol Johnson for many years and this is the natural progression for us both.”

“This is great news for BCB,” added Johnson. “Tom Chaney is an exceptional trainer and he has a real hot-bed of talent in Birmingham. I already manage a number of his fighters and I know how hard he works his lads, so this can only be good for Hall Green, BCB and Midlands Boxing.

“It’s the next stage for us and will allow both gyms to share best practice, organise camps and sparring sessions and, ultimately, push our boxers forward.”

The move creates a platform for exciting Midlands boxers such as former British and Commonwealth King, Tommy Langford, Midlands Area Prospect of the Year Shaka Thompson and super welterweight prospect, Jordan Clayton, who all train out of Hall Green alongside BCB based fighters such as Midlands Super Featherweight Champion James Beech Jnr, former British and Commonwealth Welterweight Champion Frankie Gavin and unbeaten featherweight prospect Rachel Ball.

To find out more about Hall Green Boxing Club, which is based at Olton Blvd W, Birmingham, B11 3HJ, call 0121 706 2240 or

email tom.hallgreen@hotmail.com.

To find out more about BCB Promotions visit www.bcb-promotions.com.

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