Benjamin performance is Champion.

The current Midlands Area Welterweight Champion Kaisee Benjamin was taken all the way when he faced tough as nails Kevin McCauley in a 6 round contest at Holte Suite, Villa Park last Saturday night.

Referee Kevin Parker scored the bout 60 – 54 in Benjamin’s favour after an encounter that, for much of the time, saw Benjamin on top courtesy of the kind of display that will have done his growing reputation no harm whatsoever.

Both fighters came out with a look of intent when the first bell rang but it was Benjamin that took control of the centre of the ring. He went to work with some meaty looking hooks to the body and stalked McCauley relentlessly, walking the older fighter down and skipping back out of range each time anything dangerous looking came swinging back at him.

McCauley tried to make a quick impression at the start of round two, throwing out a couple of fast left jabs but he walked onto a powerful left-right combo that sent him stumbling back onto the ropes. Benjamin followed up with more pressure, searching hooks that McCauley soon decided weren’t worth sticking around for and he quickly returned to boxing on the retreat.

Each attempt that McCauley made to take control of the ring, Benjamin resisted and even the flurry of solid looking punches that McCauley threw towards the end of round two and which had Benjamin wheeling and ducking back out of range in escape – not without a few of the punches landing – didn’t seem to phase him. Immediately after Kevin Parker hollered break as the fighters clinched for the last time in the round Benjamin was back on the front foot and the previous pattern of the fight was resumed.

Round three was much the same except that Benjamin had began to vary the target for his stinging hooks, switching from body to head and back, whenever he could. It worked for him and he caught McCauley with a clean left that snapped back the Brighton born fighter’s head with enough force to draw a whoop of appreciation from the audience. Benjamin couldn’t take advantage though and McCauley saw out the round.

McCauley somehow survived another potent looking attack at the start of round four. Benjamin seemed to want to get his jab into the fight and threw some snappy shots that paved the way for the left and right crosses that followed. This round was much more one sided than the previous and saw McCauley begin to grab and hold a bit more whilst also complaining to the ref about getting rabbit punched.

McCauley spent much of the next round covering up and relying on the occasional counter whilst Benjamin, now warming to the task, was looking impressive and throwing punches in bunches. The referee didn’t have to get too involved and Benjamin took the round convincingly.

Benjamin went into the final round well ahead and could have coasted it but he continued to pursue his opponent who, despite looking a little jaded actually turned out some of his best work during that remaining three minutes. Both fighters got caught with stinging shots to the head and whilst McCauley shook off his with a little dance and shimmy, Benjamin’s response was to glance a smile before going back to work. Kevin Parker had to warn Benjamin to keep his punches up as the round ground to a close but the result had already been written.

With this points win, the fifth of his eight fights to date, with the other two wins coming by KO (vs Paul Cummings) and TKO (vs Alex Fearon), the talented 23 year old Birmingham boxer moved to 7-1-0 (2 KOs) and will surely now be looking to plot a route to more and bigger title fights.

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