No doubts and Pearce is back.

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Remember when England beat Sweden 2-0 in the World Cup quarter finals?

Gareth Southgate was like “the resilience of the team and the togetherness of the team was crucial.”

If you remember that and if you’re from the Midlands then you might also remember that on the very next day Midlands Police were tweeting that they’d taken the highest ever volume of 999 calls in their history?

Well on that night, the night of Saturday 7th July 2018, the night that followed that brilliant afternoon when England won that historic match that took them into the World Cup Semi Finals for the first time since 1990, during that same summer evening that saw (some) people celebrating by partying in Aldi or letting off smoke bombs or dancing on top of taxis and ambulances, Daryl Pearce was busy making his professional boxing debut at The Venue in Dudley where “the resilience of the team and the togetherness of the team…” would have also no doubt been “crucial.”

Pearce’s opponent on that night was a durable but little known boxer born in Sudan, named Mohamed ‘Triple M’ Mahmoud.

The combined ring walks were tastier than a box of Milk Tray. Mahmoud came in to some slick but hardcore Cyprus Hill, ‘insane in ya membrane’ type of tune but Solo 45’s ‘Feed Em To The Lions’ is always a classic ball-breaker come crunch time and when Pearce came in to that things started to get a little, no, a lot more electric.

To watch the full fight head to BCB Promotions

Brummie Pearce, from Rednal, returns to the ring tomorrow (March 15) night, after an absence of 36 weeks. The 25-year-old features on BCB Promotions’ first bill of the year in Birmingham, at the H Suite in Edgbaston.

It’s a welcome return. Pearce is already a popular fighter with a strong following.

He’s tough and brave and he was able to draw on of these qualities to supplement his ring craft during decisive periods of his debut bout. Well, that’s my opinion.

It wasn’t any easy debut. Mahmoud was in search of his first win in four contests and at times the tough East African fighter looked like he really fancied his chances. Both fighters gave as good as they got in the midst of some big periods of the fight.

In a recent press release and just ahead of his return to the ring Pearce revealed how injury had hindered his progress but not staunched his determination;

“It’s been disheartening, all of these things kept on happening to me and I was starting to wonder pro boxing was not meant to be.

“The accident I had was a freak one. I was on a motorbike, coming to a halt, and the back wheel slid forward, which made me start to veer off the back.

“To try and cushion my fall, I put my hand out and it snapped the ligament in my thumb. It’s an injury they call Gamekeeper’s Thumb.

“They had to operate and then I had my arm in a cast, then one on my thumb which, obviously, stopped me from training.

“It felt like I was going a bit downhill, but I’ve picked myself up and come back with the right attitude. My timing was off, at first, but everything has come back now.

“I’ve been sparring with Kane (Baker, Midlands lightweight champion) and he’s told me it’s all there, I just need to work on my fitness now, which will be there on fight night.

“I feel like I am on the up now, personally and professionally, the boxing is getting going again, I’m doing well at work and I’ve passed my driving test.

“I’m developing my stamina and I’ve been working on my core strength, which I’ve never done before, so I’m excited to see how it’s going to come together on March 15.”

Tickets, priced at £35 standard or £65 VIP ringside with a buffet and waitress service, are on sale now. It will be £40 for entry on the door. For more information, contact the boxers.

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