“We will be prepared.” Lauren Johnson speaks to MBC ahead of ring return.

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Returning to the ring this Friday 24th May 2019 on BCB Promotions’ ‘Back to the Banks’s edition is Wolverhampton’s talented southpaw Lauren Johnson.

The welterweight boxer has a perfect 3 fights 3 wins professional record and will be looking to add to her winning tally when she steps through the ropes in Walsall on a fight night that comes 11 months and 16 days after she beat Klaudia Vigh on points to claim the Challenge Title.

Johnson came back from a scare in the first round to out-box Vigh.

Johnson’s points win over Vigh made it a hat trick of wins of that type.

She out-pointed Bulgaria’s Borislava Goranova at Walsall Town Hall in September 2017 after opening her account with a victory over Poland’s Monika Antonik at the same venue in March.

It’s known that Johnson brings a great disposition to the sport both in and out of the ring. She smiles a lot but means serious business too. With this and her solid fan base it’s easy to see why she is a popular figure.

Wanting to find out more about the sleek looking dreadlocked fighter they call ‘The Black Widow’ MBC sent me along to ask her a few questions. Thankfully she took some time out to answer some.

MBC – Can you sum up your last fight?

LJ – had my heart beating (laughs) That was a stupid fight man. I didn’t box. Lucky I didn’t go down in the 1st.

MBC – Yes, it was a shaky first round but you came back strong.

LJ – Yeah man. I had to focus after that first round

MBC – That’s three out of three now. And your next fight is just around the corner. Where did this begin for you? Tell me about your first fight.

LJ – December 16th 2012. I’d only joined Walsall ABC two weeks prior. My first fight was at ABA Novice National Finals. I don’t know my exact amateur record but I had about 10-15 fights at Walsall ABC and moved to Wodensborough in 2014.

MBC – Why boxing? were you just searching for a sport at the time or is there boxing history of some type in your family?

LJ – At the beginning before I moved to Wodensborough I did a lot of my own match making because I just wanted to fight, just to lose weight. I didn’t really want to become a boxer but I had that first win and got hooked. So I boxed GB girls in like my first few fights

MBC – So weight loss was your first goal?

LJ – I walked in the gym – not a boxing gym – at 15 and a half stone and began training with Tony Wilson. Then he invited me down to the Boxing Gym where after a while I got carded and boxed two weeks later. I started boxing at 28.

MBC – So how alien was boxing to you when you joined Tony Wilson? Did you watch boxing at all?

LJ – No. I saw something about Savannah Marshall after I started training with Tony. He told me to look her up

MBC – Wow yes. ‘The Silent Assassin.’ (laughs) And since you’ve started your career have you discovered other boxers that have inspired you?

LJ – Anne Wolfe

MBC – ‘Brown Sugar’. Because?

LJ – Nothing was gifted to her. She had to grind. No matter how hard, her upbringing, the adversity, she never gave up. Didn’t try sell it off looks or sexualise. Just pure talent

MBC – Some described her as the ‘female Mike Tyson.’

LJ – Yup (laughs) You seen her famous knockout?

MBC – Absolutely! Held titles in three different weight classes same time. Nice choices so far. Are there more boxers who you like or who’ve influenced how you train?

LJ – Thomas Hearns for that Kronk style. And I like Julian Jackson. If you went down you stayed down. And I think Gervonta Davis can be a problem.

MBC – Each one of those boxers, I can see why you chose them. And I can tell you get excited talking about them.

LJ – I can’t wait to get back in the ring

MBC – It’s been almost a year since your last fight. How frustrating has it been for you and how have you been keeping active?

LJ – I’ve just been working with my new trainer, bringing out my attributes, making sure they’re strong and we’re ready. I’ve been around Richie when I was amateur so he knows me. I know how he works and he knows I’ve got a boxing brain.

Lauren Johnson.

MBC – Turning Professional must have been exciting.

LJ – I was 31 and just thought, because of my age it was the right time to push on something new. So Errol Johnson came and met me and he agreed to become my manager.

MBC – And exciting not just for you but for the whole sport.

LJ – Yeah definitely. I had a bit of information that a few big name girls were gonna turn pro so I knew women’s pro boxing was about to rise. We’ve got a long way to go but it’ll get there.

MBC – And what can we expect to see from ‘Black Widow’ when you return to the ring? What will you have been particularly focused on in training?

LJ – An all around better performance. We have to see what kind of opponent we get to see the game plan but we will be prepared. And just all around using my boxing brain so I can read my opponents.

MBC – Thanks for speaking to us Champ.

Tickets are £35 standard unreserved seating (£40 on the door) or £65 VIP Ringside (tables of ten) to include a buffet.

Contact the boxers

or call 01922 651 414 to book.

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