3 Absolutely Ace Boxer’s Back Tatts

The Midlands Boxing Scene has some of the best Back Tatts going.

It’s often said that boxing is an art form in itself. And there’s no argument against that from MBC HQ. Adding to that sweet term what we’ve noticed is that these days, if you take a good look at boxing, you’ll see some top notch art knocking about too.

Tattoos are now being embraced across much of UK society and having one is now seen as a forward rather than negative essence of self decoration and expression.

So with this in mind – here are three really cool Back Tatts that we saw last year at the events that we attended.

1. Oldbury

Unusual sightings are no stranger to Oldbury. In 2004 a guy named Jason reported the sighting of a ‘red orb’ which appeared in the sky as he was taking an evening walk.

As unusual sightings go this shot of a semi professional boxer fighting in Oldbury last year may not be up there with the orb. But you have to admit, that’s a pretty unusual and very unique choice of tattoo.

2. Walsall

Danny Little had a hard time taking on Levi Ferguson when he faced him at Walsall Town Hall. So hard he had to take a count towards the end of the bout.

He won’t have enjoyed that. He’s a boxer with a lot of heart.

Chin up Danny. You might have lost that fight but your Tatts are awesome and MBC HQ salutes you.

3. Birmingham

Boxing is no game. It deffo demands pure dedication. If you want to be amongst the best practitioners you have to choose boxing not just as a sport but also as a lifestyle.

Who else but the most dedicated boxer would have the brilliantly audacious design that Fonz Alexander has on his back? You gotta love it.

Seen any better? Send your pics to midlandsboxingculture@gmail.com

Best shots will get published.

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