WBC President Confirms support for Great Britain Adaptive Boxing Council

Images: Seconds Out

World Boxing Council President, Mauricio Sulaiman, is praising the new Adaptive Boxing program, which will start in the United Kingdom.

Great Britain Adaptive Boxing Council (GBABC) is based in Rugby, Midlands. The launch of the programme is being hailed as a significant step in a drive towards its aim for globalization.

Speaking to SecondsOut the WBC President said, “It’s a great moment for me, because I feel that this is the beginning of something that will be remembered for many years.

“Each boxer has a great history and adaptive boxing has great potential. It makes all participants feel happy about who they are.”

Sulaiman declared that boxing is a fundamental part of the lives of those involved in this program commenting:

“I talked to some of the participants about their life, medical condition, and boxing is a reason to smile for them. It’s a reason to live and we will support it.”

Reaffirming that support, he wrote on his Twitter account:

‘The WBC takes historic step towards supporting Adaptive Boxing.’

The program will be developed with (GBABC) in the UK. The aim is be implemented internationally through with the World Adaptive Boxing Council (WABC).

Adaptive Boxing has been designed by Colin Wood, to enable Adaptive Athletes to be able to compete in the sport under British Adaptive Boxing (BABC) rules and regulations.

Discussions are already under-way with the Olympic Committee for Adaptive boxing to become eligible as a Paralympic sport for 2024.

(GBABC) and its associates supports amputee (leg and arm) athletes and is willing to consider licensing amputees should they meet the stringent medical standards required.

(WABC) will act as an umbrella organisation for the promotion of Adaptive sports with members acting as mentors to promote the sport of Boxing throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and to a wider global audience,

The body will also aim to encourage the widest possible participation in Adaptive Sports and assist, as much as possible, all clubs, societies, schools, colleges and adaptive sporting individuals in their quest for success and participation/inclusion.

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