Video: Rachel Ball ends Shannon Courtenay’s unbeaten run.

The Fight Write

Mkuu Amani

Essex, UK – August 14 2020

Midlands boxer Rachel Ball notched up her sixth pro win when she outshone, out-foxed and outpointed Shannon Courtenay at Matchroom Fightcamp.

All eyes were on the featherweight contest going into the event. The opinion was swaying in the Aldridge boxer’s favour as fight night came closer.

It was a big win for Ball and one that she earned the hard way. They don’t call Courtenay ‘The Baby Face Assassin’ for nothing, and she was immediately onto her front foot when the bell rang to begin the rounds.

It’s true that in boxing sometimes, who dares wins. So when, with just 49 seconds of the first round left, Courtenay backed Ball up with a stinging right hook, it made sense that she would follow it up.

Trainer Gavin Burrows with Rachel Ball

Two swinging hooks followed, each just missing their mark as Ball back-peddled into the corner. But any further thoughts of world domination were brought to an abrupt halt when Ball unleashed a sizzling left hook of her own, and one that landed bang on target.

The pulverizing headshot sent the Watford boxer to the canvas, where she showed mega-powers of recovery, which propelled her back to her feet in seconds.

There’s no shortage of skill or determination when Courtenay is fighting. But Ball is much the same if not a little more. Plus, the former world kickboxing champion is sharp, strong and bombastic. Her well-honed, tight defence is an assurance, but she also takes a punch well. And she always fights to win.

Courtenay threw herself into the fight for the remaining seven rounds, but Ball would not yield and, at the summit of what turned out to be a gruelling battle, finished the fight the stronger of the two.

Referee Howard Foster scored the contest 77-75 in favour of Ball.

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