Inducted March 2018


MBC is proud to announce our first ever MBC Hall of Fame Inductee.

Birmingham born Heavyweight, Tom Allen.

Tom Allen was born April 25 1839. He was twenty two years of age when he fought his first (recorded) bout in 1861, during the bare knuckle era.

Such was Allen’s fighting ability that by 1864 and his 7th fight he was challenging Bob Smith for the Welterweight Championship of England, a bout that he was to lose after 50 hard fought rounds.

A year later Allen defeated Posh Price to claim the Middleweight Championship of England before heading out to America where in 1869 he beat Bill Davis in Madison County to claim the Heavyweight Championship of America.

Despite losing the title in his next bout Allen remained in the mix fighting with and without gloves, challenging for and winning American and English titles until his retirement in 1879.
Tom Allen was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2014.